Breaking Bread

» Breaking Bread «

We are digging for bones,
We already wear inside,

We are walking the line,
We drawn in by define,

We are carring a seed,
We all growing to ripe,

We are playing the tones,
We hear by heart at night,

We are spending with bleed,
We all sharing by insight,

We are baking our daily bread
No matter is dark, light or dead.


 » lighter «

- sketching people waiting in line  -

hexaCon - Game Design


( hexagon + Convention )

Games are a fantastic way to connect with your friends and family.

Moreover they help us get in contact with each other. To share our thoughts and ideas.

The shared experiences during games are not only improving communication skills but
also helps the players bond. It initiates a sense of community.

This was the underlying idea and starting point of this project.

hexaCon already went through an elaborate testing period. Being played by people
of different ages and from various social backgrounds. Furthermore the game was
tested and certified by publishers for its innovative design and intuitive gameplay.

All in common we had lots of fun while playing!

Each round creates an individual pattern depending on the number of players and their tactics.

Three Rabbits Run

» Three Rabbits Run «

Dead fox is gone.
Run rabbits run
Woodbeckers knock at heaven's pillars
In pace of grandfather's gun
Three rabbits run
To total eclipse of sun.

Dead fox is gone.
Rabbits run so far
Crows gather in common caw
In chant of gatekeepers law
Run rabbits run
To birth of newborn star.

Dead fox is gone.
Down by river's run
Fishers drawn in by shimmrin salmns
In weavin of grandmother's yarn
Rabbits are done
A wake at mornin dawn.



Dead fox is gone.
Rabbits done well
Deers flow in to river's well
By swelling flutes king's crown fell
Run rabbits run
To yell for dead fox's spell.